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Co-sleeping and Returning to Work

The following thread originally appeared on our Working Moms Group about how to transition from a bed-sharing situation with your little one and returning to work.. Be sure to check out more general advice from PSP members about co-sleeping here!

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How to Keep Baby Asleep on Noisy Street

How do you ensure your baby gets some snores and zzzzz's when it's all sirens and beep beeps?


Sleeping Babies & Dear Doggies

One parent raised the following dilemma: “how do parents meet competing needs of all beloved household creatures when they don't fall together, time-wise?’

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Night Waking/Screaming

Information about a how to get a once solid sleeper back to sleep in the middle of the night.


Transitioning from Two Naps to One - 14 month old

Parents discuss how they jumped from 2 naps to 1 with your ever wakeful toddler.


How to cool a windowless nursery

Ideas ro solve a classic city problem: cooling a windowless kid's room!


Sleep Sacks

PSP members share their experiences about the success of their babies sleeping in a sleep sack.



Discussions about the pros and cons of co-sleeping.

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Moving your child into their own bed/crib

Recommendations for moving an infant out of their parents' bed to their own crib...



Sleep Book Recommendations and Resources

PSP members recommend books about children's sleeping habits and training.


Nursing vs. Not Nursing at Night

To nurse or not to nurse at night? PSP members share their experience and problems with nursing at night.


Sleep Deprived 4 month old

Help for a parent whose baby only wants to sleep when held.


Cry It Out vs. No Cry Sleep Solutions

Answers from a few threads that covered many of the different positions about Cry it out vs. No Cry it Out solutions.


Help for Nighttime Anxiety and Wake-Ups

Wondering what is causing your baby to wake up in the night? Here are some PSP member ideas of what might be up—and what you can do to help.



Help! My 3 1/2 month old Won't Nap!

What to do with a 3.5-month-old who won't nap...

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Top Tips for Early Wake-Ups

“He’s waking up like he’s the CEO of a company,” says one PSP member of a 9-month-old who can’t seem to sleep past 5 am. If your baby or toddler is rising with the sun and refusing to go back down, you’re not alone, but these tips compiled from years of PSP wisdom can help you salvage a few minutes of shut-eye.


How to Help a Baby with Crib Anxiety

"Is anyone else dealing with (or dealt with) sleep / crib anxiety?" asked a PSP member to their baby group. If you are experiencing this too, here are helpful replies to read from PSP members who also experienced this situation. 


Tips for Daylight Saving

Daylight saving time arrives and departs annually at 2 am local time. In spring, clocks move forward (think: "spring forward"); in fall, they go back (think: "fall back").

Read on for some advice about adjusting to the time changes.