9 month old waking screaming

Wondering what is causing your baby to wake up screaming? Here are some PSP member ideas of what might be up - and what you can do to help.



First, thanks to all who responded to my post of two weeks ago about my 9 month old waking up screaming at night.  Here's the rundown of suggested reasons for the waking:

  • night terrors (which some report as starting closer to 1 year of age)
  • nightmares (which seem different than night terrors in that the child can be consoled pretty easily)--this is what my pediatrician diagnoses
  • ear infection or soreness
  • teething (yes, teething)
  • overstimulation before bed or eating too close to bedtime
  • just because (and it WILL pass)

Some suggestions for calming a waking baby, include:

  • water by the bedside
  • rubbing her back
  • having a good sense of humor