Top Toddler Toys and Activities

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Members on our Park Slope Parents Toddler Groups have shared creative ideas for keeping little ones entertained. Read on for the recs—and if you're a parent in Brooklyn who's not yet a member of PSP, find your community by joining us today!

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An old wallet stuffed with expired credit cards: Take out, put back in, and repeat indefinitely! 

Put some old toys out of sight: Kids will usually show interest again after playthings have been "on vacation" for a week or two! 

A small wooden kitchen with doors: Used or new, this is evergreen!

A hand broom, Swiffer sheet, and a cordless vacuum cleaner

Any and all Read-Aloud Board Books

Jar with a treat inside

Baby piano/xylophone

Any activity table or box that comes apart and has lots of “things” on it to move and make noise with! 

Put Duplo Pieces (or anything that will fit!) into an empty tea tin and take them out again.

A small tea set

Make your own Toddler Busy Board. Here are some great ideas.

Kinetic sand kit

Hang a felt board on the wall with felt pieces to take off and put on again.

Pens and a wipe-off board

Helping around the house: "My 20 month old LOVES helping around the house. We got him a mini vacuum that he follows us around with while we clean. He loves taking the trash and recycling down with us, going to pick up packages, putting things away. This may sound super boring, ha - but it can occupy a whole morning for us and he loves it and I can get so much done!"



Pockets of Learning Quiet Book: Indestructible books great for toddlers

Soft foam magnetic letters for the fridge

Oball Rattle & Roll: Any Oball toy comes highly recommended

Read Aloud SongsListen to the song and follow along in the book

Magic Music Cubes

Peek-a-Boo Tunnels

Pop Toobs: These will continue to be fun for years to come

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank

Toddler Art Play Box from Hootenanny 

Sensory Bins

Office stickers: "We bought these office stickers and stuck them to some cardstock I had laying around from an old project. The stickers are $7 for 2400 of them, and the plan was to get stuff done while he stuck the stickers onto cardstock. What actually happened is that I joined him! It was very fun and relaxing."

Washi tape: "Laying and re-laying strips of tape to a plastic box captured my son's attention for a solid hour or so.  My 4yo had fun with it too.  We ended up laying out tracks for toy cars, etc."

Melissa & Doug gets lots of shout outs!

Play Cleaning Supplies

Door Puzzle with magnets

Shape Sorters