Park Slope's Second Hand and Consignment Stores

A rundown of the second-hand, vintage and consignment stores in Park Slope.

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Buying (and selling) used clothing is financially smart as well as Earth-smart. Recycling clothing means less has to be produced and less goes into landfills.

After a drought of consignment and secondhand shops for kids in the area (anyone remember Go Fish? Lions and Lillies?), a handful of shops have sprung up where you can buy perfectly useful clothes and kids' gear.

Many of these stores are run by local parents, so let's SHOP LOCAL, support the mompreneurs, and help the Earth at the same time!

Here's a list! (Let us know if we're missing any!)


Life Boutique Thrift

515 5th Avenue

What parents are saying: "The entire basement is only $5 an item including shoes (better for smaller shoe sizes W5-7), prom/fancy dresses, coats and lots of jeans/pants especially in smaller sizes (00-5, Xxs-S). For those on the larger end of the range, they do have small plus size section. Teen boys/Men selection very limited, Salvation Army better place. Kids Sizing is very limited and most age 2-5 years.

Top/ground level of this store has better quality name brand items ranging from $12-100+, during sale time usually 25%-50% off. Great selection of high end special occasion dresses and winter coats for less than $50. The shoes up stairs average $10-30 a pair, lots of high heels but sometimes great deal on rain boots, I winter boots, etc. Can occasionally find things such as hockey gear, Bike helmets, ice or roller skates also!

TONS of affordable costume jewelry and small selection hand bags. The sister store on 5th Ave/ St. Marks Place is a tiny store that has a large selection of hand bags and small collection of $5 items (all back racks). The clothing at this place leans towards real vintage (circa 1950-70), real fur, couture designer wear, etc. with prices to match (but still bargain compared to full price).

Tip: sign up for both store newsletters and know when big end of seasons sales. At 13th store that is when everything downstairs is only $1 or $2 dollars!"



433 7th Avenue


Beacon's Closet

92 5th Avenue

What parents are saying: "super trendy and over priced for most things but if you know brands well you can snap up super cute on trend, high end brands for less than $30. My tween with expensive taste loved this place and if you are smaller sizes (women’s shoe 5-7, pants/tops size 0-XS) you can find great stuff! Turn over is frequent, place is packed on weekends, morning during weekday is best time to go just after open @11 or late at night before close @9pm."



461 7th Avenue


Housing Works Thrift Shops

424 7th Avenue; 266 5th Avenue


taeg vintage store

(online only)


All Almost New Clothing Inc.

68 St Marks Avenue


And here are some awesome tips from a PSP member and veteran thrifter to help you discover a diamond in the rough:

"Most thrift stores tend to be organized by color and you must 'dig' for size/fit. But that is part of the fun! Sometimes something larger/smaller size will still look good as brands vary wildly!

Once you find an item that you like/fits always look over carefully for stains, odors, rips, try all zippers/buttons working to see if worth price. If you're a DIY person, a lot can often be repaired quickly/cheaply to make it a great deal. This is a great learning opportunity, to teach teens basic survival skills such as hand sewing, buttons, fixing small rips, stains so to be economical and not waste that will serve them well/empower them as young adults. YouTube has great how to videos for those that need to learn!

To win at the thrifting game you really need to know brands/pricing well to find that gem for pennies and pass on over-priced items. I taught myself about brands by browsing racks, discovering those niche small brands I didn’t know existed but quickly fell in love with and being able to understand/compare quality between two pieces sizes by side from different brands. My entire fashion education came this way that is only possible at second hand stores.

Thrifting is about exploration, adventure and not for everyday items. For my everyday basics I go to regular shops, accent that with what I find at thrift stores. Allows me variety and unique items on a budget!"