Bag Recs from the PSP Working Moms

The Park Slope Parents Working Moms Group discusses all facets of nurturing a career and a family, from parental leave to pumping at work and beyond. Here are highlights from a recent discussion on the best commuting bags/backpacks that can convert to diaper bags!

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One member on the PSP Working Moms Group asks…


“In anticipation of one day returning to an actual office, I'm in the market for a new purse/bag/backpack that will work for a commute. Any recommendations?  I'm looking for something attractive and lightweight, and something that I could convert to a quasi-diaper bag, as needed.


Any and all thoughts welcome!”


Recommendations include…


Storksak St. James Convertible Leather Diaper Backpack ($260)

“Although it’s on the pricier side, it is very versatile and can function well as a large handbag, backpack and diaper bag.”




“I’ve been shopping for the same type of bag, except that I’m tempted to just commandeer our newer diaper bag for my work bag but don’t want to have to transfer all my kid’s stuff back and forth. 


Here are some options I’m considering:”


Everlane Modern Snap Backpack ($39)

A New Day Square Backpack ($29.99)

Universal Thread Zip Closure Dome Large Backpack ($25.49)

Himawari Laptop Backpack ($36.99)




Cuyana Leather Backpack ($395)

“I have a Cuyana tote and also have their backpack and love it for work!”



Birdling ($48–$150)

“I love the bags at”





“Checkout Tumi! I’m an attorney, and their backpacks are very professional but fit a lot and are lightweight! I also carry diapers and wipes in it :). Mine is very durable and has held up well. I didn’t do a leather one.”




Mina Baie ($99–$349)

“I have a bag from Mina Baie and really like it - it looks like something I would have used pre-baby. They are a bit expensive but do have sales from time to time. Mine has held up well.”


“I second Mina Baie. I have the Midi Harper and get compliments on it all the time. Really beautiful and well made.”




Rains ($95–$110)

“I just got a Rains backpack that I love. It’s completely waterproof and very sleek looking. Not a ton of interior pockets, so I use little cosmetic bags I had to keep the inside organized.”




Madewell ($26–$350)

“I like Cuyana and Madewell leather totes for something very streamlined—I usually keep separate pouches inside to organize.”




Dagne Dover ($155–$195)

“I love my Dagne Dover diaper bag. Looks like just a regular backpack, has a laptop sleeve and is really comfortable to carry.”


“I love my Dagne Dover backpack. Bought it for work after my Everlane started destroying my jacket. 


It's lightweight and doesn't have a hint of being a diaper bag. Since the pandemic, it's made a great bag for throwing in diapers and wipes while also carrying my own personal stuff. It's what I pack when we go out for family dinners and am packing lots of toys and coloring books. 


It also has the right number of compartments to keep laptop and documents separate but also keep the little things from getting lost.”




CalPak ($26–$145)

“I have a CalPak that gets tons of compliments and is under $100. Truthfully, I haven’t used it post baby but I used to put shoes and a laptop etc so I think it could hold a few diapers and wipes in addition to a laptop.”




Knomo London ($63–$394)

“LOVE my Knomo London Backpack.”




Kibou ($79–$89)

“For diaper bag, my favorite is the Kibou fanny pack.”




Lo and Sons

“I love Lo and Sons! Their design with their pockets are very practical, especially the OMG bag and backpack. And they’re local and family run.”




MZ Wallace

“Big fan of MZ Wallace. So lightweight.”


“I second MZ Wallace. My backpack is so lightweight, durable, great zippers, lots of pockets, etc.  Pricy but I’ve had it for years now and it has held up.”


“Highly recommend the MZ wallace backpack as well! SO light!”






Muji ($10–$70)

"I have a tote bag for work that's water repellant and has really held up well. It's similar to this."