Southern Exposure

What do you when you see a flasher in Park Slope.


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Remember that classic Mike Ryerson poster "Expose Yourself to Art"? It showed the back view of a bare-legged man in a trench coat with his coat open, flashing a sculpture. Even though the photo was taken in Portland there's something about it that conjures up the New York of the 70's and early '80's. Seeing it now may inspire something like fit of nostalgia for a simpler time, when New Yorkers were universally brusk, when photographs were black and white and flashers wore trench coats and hats.

Alas, time marches on and flashers are not what they used to be -or maybe they are just more sartorially challenged. Anyway, word has reached us that a man, we'll call him "Mr. Perv" has stationed himself near the 8th Avenue and 9th Street entrance to the F train where he has been fondling his little friend for the benefit of morning commuters. Nice. So much for nostalgia.

One of our readers tried unsuccessfully to call the 78th about Mr. Perv. She was told that there was nothing they could do unless she had a photograph of Mr.Perv doing his thing AND if she came down to the station in person to file a police report.

Not so readers. We made a call to the 78th and found out the real deal. Granted, it takes a little time and effort but you can send Mr Perv back to his group therapy session with a cautionary tale.

--Call the precinct IMMEDIATELY (as well as tell the subway attendant). (718) 636-6411
--Take a photo if you can. Yes, it's gross but if you can discretely snap Mr. Perv - or even film him it will make it possible to track him down.
--Go get a coffee at Dizzys and wait until the 78th shows up (don't just leave)
--File a report/complaint (and demand that they file one even if the guy has left, you didn't take a photo, and you don't have time).

If this all sounds a bit NYMBY it is, Except in this case it's technically HNNIMSS - HELL NO! NOT IN MY SUBWAY STATION. Same difference. Go Mr Perv! And take your icky little friend with you.