SCAM ALERT (or "Brother can you spare a dime?")

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Reports of a scam in the neighborhood.


Sounds like this scam has happened to more than a few PSP members so we send it out into the world, hoping that others don't befall the same fate.


"I was walking home alone around 8:20 tonight when a slightly overweight African American woman approached me. She was very apologetic and asked me if I can reach a roadside assistance because her car ran out of gas and needed to be towed to the nearest gas station.


Her phone was not a smart phone so she couldn't google phone numbers. While I was trying to call a roadside assistance, she went on about her mom lived nearby and just died today/she drove from Staten Island/the cops came to take the body away/there were two kids who were left dependent on her/gas is costing money/bridge toll costs money...etc. I was concentrating on reaching out to someone so didn't realize how convoluted the story was. She sounded so sincere and distraught!


Anyways, after a minute or two of trying unsuccessfully to find help, and her rambling on about her dire situation, I asked her what she really needed. Again, she was very apologetic, wanted to give me her phone, her driver's license, in exchange for some money. Well, silly me, I gave her some money, waved away her phone/license, thinking I was doing good Samaritan work. It wasn't until I came home and told my husband that he told me I was scammed."