Family Fire Drill

Learn how to conduct a FAMILY FIRE DRILL with your kids and family so you have a plan on what to do in case of emergency.

Here are a few websites that have information about doing a family fire drill as well as the Top things that you should do when preparing and executing a fire drill:



Have a family meeting

Figure out escape routes from EVERY ROOM (2 routes per room, one may be a window)

Have a floor plan of the house with exits marked

Plan out the roles (such as who will get the children out vs. pets)

Decide where to meet outside



Check smoke detectors regularly

Keep floors, stairs and hallways clear of clutter


PRACTICE (twice a year at minimum):

Feel the door to see if it's warm

Practice slowly so kids can get comfortable with what will need to be done

If you have a sound sleeper, make sure they will wake up to the fire alarm.

Teach kids how to stuff towels/blankets under the door to keep smoke from spreading

Get out fast (and when people are asleep)

If there are releases on window locks or security bars, practice opening them

Practice unlocking doors in the dark

Meet up and call 911 outside

If you are using escape ladders, practice using those.



National Fire Protection Association:

Here's a video:


Stay Safe,


Susan Fox

(sister of a retired Air Force Fire Chief)