Fireworks and Cities Don't Mix

Rogue Fireworks are a nuisance perpetrated by folks who think it's just hilarious to set them off on the street at 3:00am on the 4th (or rather 5th) of July. But they aren't just that.

Amateur fireworks are a real problem in densely populated places. Nobody expects the Fire of London, (or the Spanish Inquisition, come to that) until they happen. Even if you were ultra, ultra careful, thoughtful and sensitive in your handing of those fireworks you picked up in Pennsylvania, it doesn't matter. They are inherently unstable., their manufacture barely regulated and they are just dogey, with a capital DODGE.


Burns are just the start of the list of injuries fireworks. Fingers and hands account for most injuries but legs are burned, and eyes are vulnerable. Some people have suffered 3rd degree burns and horrible scarring. If that wasn't enough, a firework the sets a home or car alight can be life-threatening.


The NYPD are stone-cold serious about enforcing the ban on fireworks in the city. They say:


If you have fireworks we can ARREST YOU, your car can be confiscatedor your business can be closed.


Concerned citizens can anonymously report the delivery, sale or storage of fireworks.


Call: 911 for crimes in progress & 311 to provide information.


So there you have it. If you were thinking about doing the fireworks thing, don't. Your neighbors will rat you out and the NYPD will hunt you down like the dog you are.


Have a good 4th and leave the fireworks to the pros.