Baby Safety and Grandparents

How to handle “rusty” grandparents who might not be as fully informed of child safety issues and laws like lead paint, car seats, cradles and more.


As one frustrated new parent shares:

I'm getting the distinct impression from my parents that they are not nearly as up-to-date on baby safety as I would like (e.g. questioning why I want to know make and model of hand-me-down cradle, being surprised that bumpers are a no-no in cribs, etc.). Is there a book that specifically targets grandparents that I can give them as a reference (and to let them know that I am NOT crazy)? I'm a
little concerned that they will unknowingly put our daughter in a bad situation, just because that's how things were done when I was little.

5 Tips:

1.  Bring up safety info in conversation as subjects.  When things like cribs and car seats come up, and forward/print out articles on safety as a way to educate both new parents (you) and new grandparents (them)

2.  Don't necessarily buy into current trends for how to raise kids; listen to Grandma's advice, because things are going to be fine

3.  Inform grandparents that certain things either are/aren't recommended by the child's doctor, or are against the law (e.g. riding in a car without a carseat)

4.  Suggest grandparents attend a good infant CPR class,that also covers the most recent safety  information regarding car seats, cribs, etc.

5.  Keep in mind that your relationship with your parents is ever-evolving, and that you don't want to alienate them or cause unnecessary strain by nagging or distrusting them. Having a first baby is stressful in the beginning, but you will eventually learn to relax as baby gets older and more capable.

-Recommended books: The Granny Diaries by Adair Lara and Baby 411 by
Denise Fields and Ari Brown


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