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Convincing Kids to Wear a Face Mask (and some great recommendations)

Face coverings are crucial in keeping yourself and your neighbors safe, but some little ones are having trouble coming around to the idea. If your toddler or young child is finicky about face masks, these tips sourced from PSP members might do the trick!


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Top Tips for Tick Bites

It’s once again the time of year to protect yourself against tick bites, particularly if you’re in a rural area and/or one where Lyme disease is more prevalent. There’s no need to panic, as Lyme is often avoidable and treatable, but knowledge is key—so be sure you’re informed, and tuck those pants into your socks before tromping out into the forest!

Pictured here is a wood tick, which does not carry Lyme disease, but is nevertheless gross.

Staying Safe & Reporting Crime in Prospect Park

What you need to know about staying safe and reporting a crime in Prospect Park

Baby Safety and Grandparents

How to handle “rusty” grandparents who might not be as fully informed of child safety issues and laws like lead paint, car seats, cradles and more.

Is my son being abused. What YOU Should Do

Is my son being abused. What YOU Should Do

Hey All,

Last week someone wrote about suspected abuse possibly occurring at a local daycare. I have talked to many of you who were worried for the children but also wondering, "What IS the right answer about what to do?" We've checked with our team of professionals (thanks to Safe Horizons, Dr. Gordon and Dr. Gold) and here is their advice...

Talking to Your Kids about Safety

How to talk to your kids about staying within the parent's sight.

Top 10 Safety Reminders for Children

Things to remind your child about safety.


How to Do Background Checks on a Nanny

You may want to run a background check on your potential Nanny. Here's how...


Talking about Safety: Basic danger rules your child should know

The information below came from a letter that went home to parents of PS 172. There is some great information here. Please take some time to discuss with your kids...


Sledding Safety Tips

Sledding can be a LOT of fun, but it can also cause a LOT of injuries. Each winter, thousands of children and teens end up in the emergency room because of a sledding accident. Park Slope Parents has pulled together some tips to help you sled SAFELY.

Traffic Safety for Kids, Parents, and Nannies

Walking in the city presents many challenges that parents in more rural or suburban communities don't have to deal with. From one-way streets to bike lanes, stop-and-go buses to speeding taxis, the bustle of the city traffic can make for complicated walking. 

Below, you'll find tips from PSP members on teaching kids to walk safely as well as advice for parents and nannies who are walking with strollers. This article also includes resources for support

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Street safety and crossing the road with a two-year old

PSP parents share what they know about crossing the steet with a toddler.

General Safety Reminders about Drowning

As parents, we can do our best to stay safe to protect our children's health and safety. When it comes to drowning and secondary drowning, here are some reminders.