Crossing Guard Appreciation Day 2016!

The 78th Precinct, Brad Lander, Park Slope Parents, Park Slope Neighbors, and the Park Slope Street Safety Partnership appreciated the local crossing guards on May 10, 2016 in honor of Crossing Guard Appreciation Day! All the guards were extremely thankful that their hard work was appreciated. It was a cold winter and they are out there braving all kinds of weather (like today) to help our kids/families stay safe.


Here's a slideshow of all the attendees!

Aaaand the event was covered by New 12 as well!!

If you filled out a Shout Out regarding your crossing guard outside the 78th, fear not-Brad Lander's office will be sending those appreciative messages out to the appropriate folks later this week.

Here are some of the great things folks said about their favorite crossing guards:

"She is so attentive to all of our families and makes us feel loved and cared for, rain, snow or shine. She knows so many of the kids' names and greets them with a warm hello and smile. She is also very effective and managing traffic-- there are many parents who drive their kids to school is a tired, groggy state and therefore are not the best at following traffic rules."

"Despite the stresses of maintaining the safety of a school with an outdoor lunch, early arrivers and busy dismissals, she handles her job with a bright smile and kind words. I've never heard a cross comment or a negative sneer, even though she has to constantly place herself at risk to protect potentially unruly children. Moreover, she recently suffered a significant family hardship - one that would impact even the most positive personalities - yet she continues to keep it positive. I've encountered many crossing guards, and nearly all perform their jobs effectively, but Ms Ripo-Ramos takes it a step further and has become a pillar of our school community in terms of safety, familiarity and personality. Our school grounds are safer and happier as a result of her presence."

"She makes a point of asking our daughter every day about whatever stuffed animal she's carrying. she keeps an eye out for her even when she's with her after school group."

"Rain or shine Anita is always out on her posts greeting children and helping them smile during the transition from home to school and vice Versa. She has been at PS 107 for many years and is an active member of the school community. She deserves to be recognized for all her years of her commitment to the safety of our park slope children."

"Ida is no nonsense, takes great pride in her work and cares very much about the kids she protects. She is always joking with them and knows many by name. We see Ida around the neighborhood off duty, too, and she is always friendly!"

"She is ALWAYS supremely capable, calm, professional, reliable, in short everything you want in a crossing guard!"

"She greets everyone by their names. She always has a smile."

"We live nearby, and Ida cheerfully says good morning to me each time I see her. She even knows my three kids' names, and asks how they are once they've moved on to high school. In the afternoons, she lets me know whether my youngest, who has always been pretty small, has headed home yet or not. It's like having an extra set of eyes -- looking out for my precious children when I'm off at work. Or rather, a bit like having Mrs Weaseley's (from Harry Potter) kitchen clock on the corner, letting me know whether I need to worry or not!"

"They are lovely to our children and help keep them safe!"

"Ask your school's admin if they can help the whole school appreciate your crossing guards!"

A big thank you! to the crossing guards of the 78th Precinct (and beyond) for your work on the front lines keeping neighborhood kids safe!

Susan Fox

Founder, Park Slope Parents


The Park Slope Street Safety Partnership