What to cook for a friend with a summer baby

There’s nothing like summer heat to make you lose your appetite. Fortunately, PSP members have you covered with ideas for thoughtful and delicious recipes to make for all of your friends with new summer babies!

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One PSP member asks…


“Hi all - my best friend just had a baby and I want to make something for her to have in the fridge but struggling with what to make. Winter is so much better for that kind of thing!! I want to make something thats easy for them to eat but that will keep in the fridge for a bit. I was thinking potentially the Charlie Bird farro salad but will the arugula and herbs get gross after a day or two?”



Members suggest…





Chickpea salad: “they retain their texture really well. can do a riff on traditional pasta salad or try this

3 cups cooked chickpeas, 1/4 cup golden raisins. 1 finely diced large shallot or onion, 1 finely diced large celery stalk, the zest and diced fruit of 1/2 orange, 1 tablespoon olive oil, and 1 tablespoon sherry or balsamic vinegar and whatever spices you like

or this Pea & Chickpea Salad


Vermicelli salad: “My first moms group brought each other dinners when we had our second children.  I'll never forget the sweltering August day that I walked over this rice vermicelli salad to a friend -- it definitely is a good summertime meal.  It calls for pork, but you could substitute chicken or tofu if your friend prefers. Just keep the dressing separate so it doesn't get soggy.”


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Farro salad:


“I had a baby last June and one of the best things someone made me was a farro salad filled with tons of fresh spring vegetables like asparagus, radishes, etc and maybe goat cheese. It had lots of olive oil and lemon juice, too. I don't have a recipe but I don't think you need one. Any grain salad would be delicious and feel healthy but filing at the same time.”


“For the record: I think farro salad is a great idea. You could pack the arugula and herbs separately (or skip the herbs).”



Kale salad: kale salad, decomposed - just gave them a big box of kale since it has staying power + jar of dressing and all the mix-ins”



Freezable meals





“Another classic go-to is lasagna and it can be veg or not (but good to check if she's eating dairy and acidic food - I had to cut back on both due to my baby's sensitive tummy).”


“I had a summer baby too and I loved having lasagna- my friend who made it individually wrapped portions so I could pull what I needed from the freezer without having to defrost it all.”



Casserole: “You could also do something like a casserole that can be partly frozen and partly refrigerated. I also found (also from my mother-in-law) that something like this, a rice dish with some raisins and walnuts, was great to have on hand for a side and/or snack.”





“If she eats meat, these burritos are great to reheat (you can freeze them too) and eat with one hand. - You could customize to use whatever she likes.”


“If you're looking for a project, one of the best things I made myself was smitten kitchen's frozen breakfast burritos. It was so great to have a quick, easy and really delicious lunch a few minutes away from being ready”





“Quiche is also a great idea! You can add whatever veggies/meat/cheese you want and it freezes, defrosts and keeps well.  It's breakfast, lunch, OR dinner!

Might I also suggest considering spinach (or kale) and tomato be involved as spinach/kale are high in iron and the vitamin C from the tomato helps iron absorption which is never a bad idea after childbirth!”


“Just to add one more- quiche! Always yum and easy to eat single handed”


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Empanadas: “Another really cool thing a friend of mine made was empanadas- super flexible with fillings and freezes well too!”



Gyoza: “oh frozen gyoza! easy and fun and you can make some for you also

traditionally they are fried and steamed but you can also toss them in a soup”



Noodle kugel: “noodle kugel, my go-to comfort food, if your AC can hack more time with the oven on; freezes beautifully”



Hearty foods




“Are they vegetarian? If no, I found that chicken cutlets/crispy chicken were great after giving birth (my mother-in-law made us lots). You can keep them in the fridge for several days or freeze them.”


“roast chicken x 2 (do you have a grill? You could do beer can chicken if you do.)”




“A soup might be a good idea, too. Obviously more of a winter/fall food, but I have to say, I didn't care what I ate after giving birth. I just needed something I didn't have to think about! So a thicker soup like a sweet potato or carrot-based kind of soup that's filling could be good.”


“Maybe a chilled soup, like gazpacho?”


“Fresh home made chicken soup with all the fixings (it has healing powers even for summer deliveries).”


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Breakfast foods: “I think breakfast could be a good direction to think about - things like homemade granola bars (maybe with lactation-supporting ingredients?) or other easy things to pull out of the fridge and eat. Quiche, fruit cobbler (makes a great breakfast), that kind of thing.”



Hummus: hummus and baby carrots”



Sweet treats



Cookies: “If you want something sweet and she is nursing, these lactation cookies are amazing”



Fruit: “A big bowl of fruit salad!”



Granola: granola, ricotta, and blueberries”



Granola bars: “My go to for all new mom friends are Smitten Kitchen's Thick, Chewy Granola bars



Fruit cake: summer fruit cake, specifically because it doesn't have to bake for very long; also freezes beautifully”


Popsicles: “Popsicles are refreshing when it’s hot and you’re nursing (and thirsty) and you can hold with one hand. I’m sure there are lots of great healthy, fruity recipes that are almost like virgin cocktails. I still keep a bunch of pedialyte pops in the freezer…”


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