Resources for Ticks and Tick Bites

What you need to know about ticks in NYC and Prospect Park.

Prospect Park put up this poster calling out important safety tips when it comes to TICKS in the park and prevent tick bites is to:


ticks sign


 Prospect Park advises the public who hav questions or concerns to visit the NYC Health Department Website or call 311 for more information. The New York Department of Health go on to advise:


Prevention tips:

  • Wear light colored clothing as it will be easier to notice ticks on your clothing
  • When you tuck pants into socks and shirts into pants it helps to prevent any ticks from attaching to your skin.    
  • Tie hair up or wear a hat while entering a tick habitat.    
  • Ticks on clothing may be killed by tumbling clothes in a dryer on the highest heat for at least one hour.    
  • If you do any gardening, wear gloves because ticks generally live under the soil and in leaf litter
  • Deet on skin and/or permethrin on clothes. Check duration- some products is supposed to last 7-8 hours, others shorter and if kids go swimming reapply.
  • Don’t leave the days’ clothes lying around. Put clothes in a bag till laundry time and don’t leave lying around. A hot dryer should kill any lice that may have taken a hike home.


Repellant tips:

  • Use insect repellant containing DEET .Never use products that have more than 30% deet.
  • Cutters and Off
  • Repellents containing picaridin and oil of lemon eucalyptus has been  known to be effective,but note that  picaridin has not been conclusively proven effective against ticks).
  • Permethrin products can be applied to clothing/boots (not to skin), actually kill ticks that come in contact with the treated clothing, and usually stay effective through several washings.    
  • Use flea and tick repellents on your pet. Speak to your veterinarian for guidance on appropriate products.
  • Sawyer Products SP544 Premium Insect Repellent with 20% Picaridin, Pump Spray, (ranked #1 or #2 by Consumer Report).
  • Fairy Tales Lice Rosemary Spray, kyolic oil, lavender oils, etc. were recommended to avoid chemicals and have different levels of effectiveness


Tick check tips:    

  • When outdoors, check for ticks on yourself, children, and pets every 2 to 3 hours and upon returning from outdoors.    
  • Check any skin folds! Key areas include all joint areas, the navel, behind ears and in the hairline 
  • If you used repllant, wash all skin treated with insect repellent thoroughly when you get home. 
  • Showering within two hours of coming indoors can also reduce the risk of being bitten by a tick.
  • Shower/bath and do tick checks every night. Check scalp, underarms, genital area, in and around ears.


Worried about Lyme?

  • If you’re concerned, check fevers with headache or flu-like symptoms with your doctors. Another symptom may be joint pain and weakness.  Obviously the risk is somewhat lower in the city, but better safe than sorry. Note: The tick needs to be on your about 48 hours to transmit the disease.
  • Reminder: Not everyone who gets infected with Lyme will have a bullet-like rash.


Around the Home:

  • Keep your lawn mowed, cut overgrown brush, and remove leaf litter to reduce tick populations.   
  • When mowing the lawn, wear a hat, long pants, and shoes.
  • Adult ticks crawl up branches and grass to grab onto a passing host.


Tick removal tips:


  • The NYC Health Department website also provides a ton of information about tick bites (see HERE) and what to do to prevent tick bites or even how to remove a tick safely.
  • Do not use Vaseline or anything on the tick as that can cause it to spray it's venom.
  • DO NOT TWIST the tick.  MOST sites say that if part of the tick remains go to urgent care.  Some say it will come out by itself. After tick is out, clean area with alcohol and watch for redness over next few days. Flush tick down the toilet or put in a plastic bag if you want it tested.



Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 11.15.20 PM


Want to know what a tick bite looks like? Here's a photo from WebMD (warning, it's a bit gross)

Other Resources:

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Disclaimer: is not intended to—and does not—provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  Never disregard professional medical advice, or delay in seeking it, because of something you have read on the PSP Yahoo! Group or on the website.