Private Birthday Parties at Prospect Park Carousel

Tips on having parties at the Prospect Park Carousel

 What do you do when party times might be too early? One mother writes:

"We're considering having our daughter's 5th birthday party at the carousel in Prospect Park, and prefer the available time slots for the parties during public hours. The only options for private parties are 9:30-11:30 am which is too early for me, and 5:30-7:30 pm, but I think that's too late for that age, especially b/c many school friends are still 3.

I have no problem with not having the complete privacy for the party, however, I do feel a little uncomfortable having a limited number of ride tickets. Has anyone been to one of these parties during public hours where you do not get unlimited rides? If so, how many rides per child was reasonable? We will have some other things going on by the tables (with food) and in games in the grass area, but it is supposed to be a carousel party, so I don't want kids being disappointed b/c they didn't get enough rides."


One parent replies:


“I know it is really early, I hate doing anything before 1pm personally, but if you could make an exception and do the private party, it is well worth it. I have done 3 parties there, for my kids, and they were by far the best birthday parties ever! They staff of the Carousel are great, the children love it, we just had boxes of coffee, bagels and fruit and of course the cake, and it was amazing not having to worry about siblings or number of guests and having the whole area to ourselves. My youngest spent about of her birthday party on the carousel, and still had time to run with her friends.