Shoe Advice For Pregnant Moms

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Tips and recommendations from PSP members for what to wear when your feet swell during pregancy.

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Worishofer slides

"I can't promise you that they don't look orthopedic, but tons of hipsters are seen wearing them in Williamsburg and I bought mine in cherry red, so that helps. Worishofer slides...available locally at DNA stores. soooooo comfortable. your feet will thank you!"



"I lived in my Birkenstocks while pregnant. They have some room so even when my feet got (way) bigger they fit. If you don't have any it might make sense to buy a pair--they have cute styles! Also, keep in mind that your feet may not return to totally normal size for a looong time. My swelling went down right away after birth but there were shoes I couldn't fit into for months and months afterwards (although I finally did get back into everything)--so buying a relatively more expensive shoe might not be a bad idea since you will probably want to wear it after birth too!



"I got these a few weeks back at the crocs store on the UWS and they have been wonderful. cushiony, waterproof and with a slight incline in the footbed. i haven't even been wearing my dansko sandals, which are also amazing!"

and another mom also recommends Crocs: "Crocs. Yes, not super fashionable, but they're not expensive and if your feet swell a lot they'll still fit! I had the fuzzy-lined winter version (I called them cruggs) and they served me well (I had my son in the middle of the winter).



"I'm a huge fan of Noat's! I'm currently pregnant with my second and my foot size changed by a half a size in my last pregnancy. These are all I'm wearing this summer. They basically offer orthopedic support but don't look like my grandma's shoes and they have some really cute sandals for summer. My current favorites are the Kayla style but really they sell Noat's at a lot of local stores and you should just try on a bunch and see what you like. They tend to run more than $100 but sometimes there are good online deals through Zappos and Amazon."



"I wore a pair of adjustable-strap Mephisto sandals all summer during my pregnancy -- got them at Harry's on Bway and 80th. I think they were over $100, but at least the straps were velcro adjustable! They looked a tad orthopedic, but could have been far worse."



"I also love Clarks." 


Fit Flops

I swear by my fitflops."


Taos Sandals

"I'm having the same issue and found that Taos sandals are good. They aren't fashionable but don't look as orthopedic as other options I saw, and they are super-adjustable and have good support. I've walked several miles in them at once with no problems. Zappos has them."


Keen and Born Shoes

"You could also try Keen or Born shoes, but those are even clunkier and $$."