Expectant Parent Quick Links

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Now what do I do?


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Park Slope Parents has a wealth of information to help you during this exciting time. We've pooled tips and advice that fellow PSP members have shared over the years about having a baby. In this section you will find articles related to...



1. Connect with a PSP Baby Group 

Want to join a baby group to meet other parents expecting a little one the same month as you?  Wondering how and where to meet other parents in the 'hood? This section covers is full of the resources to help you make the most of your baby group.


2. Start Nesting and Preparing

Need advice for coping with morning sickness?

Looking for shoe advice for those swollen feet?

Wondering where to buy baby gear? This section talks about all you need to get ready for your little one.

How about some FUN STUFF, like creative ways to document your pregancy?

...or think about getting a belly cast made!


3. Plan Birthing and Delivery

Wondering what to bring to the hospital?

OrHow to bring on labor?

Need advice to avoid a freak out?

to VBAC or not to VBAC?

Want to know how to have a natural childbirth? This section has it all - and more!


4. Choose Your Birth Team

 This section has parent recommendations for:

Hospitals and birthing centers


Doulas & Birthing Coaches

and MORE!


5. Sign up for childbirth classes


6.  Wondering what to bring to the hospital? PSP has it covered.


7. Take a Prenatal Exercise Classes


And once you've had the baby, be sure to check out our NEW PARENTS section!