FAQs about NANNIES on the PSP Baby Groups

Here are answers to your Frequently Asked Question about NANNIES on the PSP Baby Groups...


If you’re looking for a nanny:

Start with Part 1 of the "PSP Guide To Hiring A Nanny" HERE.


If you’re Posting about your nanny:

Please note that nanny recommendations are not allowed on any Pregnancy/ Baby Groups. Please send your recommendation to the PSP Classifieds Group where it will be screened by the PSP Nanny Moderator.

Learn about where and how to post your recommendation HERE.


If you are wondering how else to help your nanny find a new job:

Read our advice HERE.


If you are looking for all of PSP's information about nannies, from hiring, firing and making the relationship great:

Start with our "Inside the PSP's Guide To Hiring a Nanny" HERE.