Dealing with a Diaper Strike

PSP members offer their advice on how to keep babies from taking off their diapers.



Original Poster:

“About a week ago, we went into our 19-month-old son's room in the morning to discover that he had taken off his sleep sack, his pants, and his diaper (with poop), and laid them into the crib.  He was just sitting in the crib, near the diaper, hanging out. When we walk in, he points to the diaper and says "poop!" This is now a regular thing, along with daily laundry, etc. While I'm proud that he has some new vocabulary, I'd really prefer not to have to deal with poopmaggedon every morning.  Is anyone else facing similar issues? Is there a way to stop this with baby-proof zippers or something, or, sigh, does this mean it's time to potty train?

Please help!”


Replies (includes advice from other threads from our groups as well):


Sleepsack backwards:

“Try sleep sack backwards, onesie pajamas backwards (cut off feet), and if necessary, duct tape on diaper.”
“Sleep sack backwards solved this one for us.”
“Funny bc mine did this exact thing this week too! Almost all his jammies are two piece so instead I put his sleep sack on backwards — so far so good but new territory for me bc my daughter thankfully never did this!”
“Backwards trick also works with coats. You’ll see people putting kids winter coats on backwards, this is the reason. Then the kid can’t pull it off. Got through the night!”


Put underwear over diaper:

“My daughter started doing the same thing a few weeks ago - we started putting underwear on top of her diaper and that helped a ton!”