The Park Slope Parents Joining Agreement

Park Slope Parents (PSP) is committed to building a community in which members offer neighborly support, treating one another with respect, kindness, and compassion. To join PSP you must read and agree to comply with the following guidelines for membership that help keep the PSP community strong.

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Guidelines for membership

PSP members are your neighbors, fellow parents, and—potentially—your friends. We thrive when people remember that behind each screen name is an actual person and people treat each other with compassion. This is a place to help strengthen ourselves and  the community in an open and honest environment.

First and foremost, be your BEST self. This means:

  • Be nice. Treat all the members of our community with kindness, humanity, and respect. Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face.

  • Help a neighbor out. Take an extra minute to answer someone’s question or request. The best posts lighten someone’s burden or help solve their problem, not add to their stress.

  • Take a timeout when needed. We all get a little worked up from time to time. If you’re having a hard time keeping it civil in a heated conversation, take a break and come back to it once you’ve cooled off.

  • Refrain from judgment. Differences of opinion are normal and healthy, but when disagreements cross the line into personal attacks, we won’t post them.

  • Remember your Ps and Qs. Sign your posts, send summaries of the advice you receive, and say “thank you” to the people who help you.

  • Accept one another. Diversity of race, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender orientation, and political views help make Brooklyn a great place to live. Additionally parenting comes in many forms, whether it is foster, adoptive, surrogate or other. Acceptance and mutual respect help PSP thrive.

  • Respect people's privacy. Forwarding group or private messages to other people, websites, blogs, or reproducing them in any way, without their explicit permission from the poster, is not allowed.

  • Be truthful. Don’t be misleading about who you are, your partner/spouse or your personal circumstances. Speak from experience, honestly.

  • Respect people’s time and energy. If you make plans with people and won’t be able to make it, let them know beforehand—or at least follow up to explain.

  • Keep our Classifieds group classy. This buy/sell group should involve parent-to-parent exchanges. Don’t upsell items or resell items you’ve been given for free. See our policies for buying and selling items.


Shout out and review your favorite businesses from your first hand perspective rather than marketing on their behalf. This means:

  • Love something? You can give a shout out to something you love (as long as it’s not a conflict of interest in doing so) with a link to a website for more information, but forwarding advertising-type content is becoming a marketer for the business. Yep - even if it is free or you are a nonprofit. Read more about this policy here.

  • Hate something? Connect with the business owner or manager before posting a negative review. Strive to better our local businesses. You are responsible for the content of your posts; read through our negative post policy.

  • Don't forward newsletters, emails, offers, and promotions from businesses or cut and paste text from a business' website. Avoid conflict of interest. Only provide recommendations and reviews based on firsthand experience and don't post reviews or recommendations in which you have a conflict of interest. Do not recommend a business in which you have a personal, familial, or financial stake in. Check out our Recommendations Policy.


Don’t troll the list.

  • Actively trolling for business or a job (this includes childcare and nanny jobs) is strictly prohibited.

  • Are you a writer/journalist? Using the groups to harvest ideas is also considered a conflict of interest. Here’s our journalist request policy.


Want to spread the word about your business or service within our guidelines?

  • Don’t self-promote or market to our list. Posts of a commercial nature of any kind are not allowed to be posted without going through our Advertising/Marketing folks. This includes posts that are for market research, free giveaways, promotions, raffles, free demos, and links to a blog/ article you wrote.

  • PSP offers special ways to advertise. If you wish to promote your businesses we encourage you to reach our whole membership (over 7,000 families) through commercial posts on our Main Advice List, advertising on our website, or via our member perks program. Go here to explore options. You can also join our membership perks program which gives our members discounts on your product/service. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any questions.

  • School or 501(c)3? Here’s how PSP can help for you.

  • Wondering why we keep advertising off of our specialty groups? Read the full explanation here.


Posting about a Nanny?


Need help but want to stay anonymous?

  • Under appropriate circumstances we can post sensitive information anonymously.


All our policies and guidelines:

  • More posting policies and guidelines, including where we stand on real estate, posting for a friend, and more - can be found on our website here. Please take a minute to review them.


Park Slope Parents strives to be a safe and secure environment for all our members. We gently moderate our form to keep messages with these guidelines. In cases of egregious violation of PSP guidelines, we reserve the right to cancel your membership.

Note: Advertisers do not receive preferential treatment when it comes to recommendations or reviews by our active and opinionated member parents.

Finally, please take a moment to review our Privacy Policy.

By choosing to join, I certify that I am at least 18 years old and have read and agree to the PSP Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and the joining agreement above.


Last updated March 2017