PSP's Anonymous Post Policy

Have something personal you'd like to have us post for you?

Help is here! 


Anonymous posts are intended for serious, personal, sensitive information (e.g., fertility, divorce, discrimination, STDs, hemorrhoids, enuresis, therapists, disability, sexual dysfunction HIV, TB, abortion, financial issues, Nanny situations, etc). 

It's not meant for somewhat embarrassing but otherwise harmless situations (lice, "my child put a pea up his nose," "should I be worried about hot dogs?" etc.) 

Extenuating circumstances? Ask for a special exception. 

If we allow things been covered in past public discussions to be posted anonymously people become scared to show their imperfections and the community becomes less genuine, leading to people hiding behind the anonymous option to get questions answered.  We may ask that you post publicly for the community's sake.

You can review the most frequent anonymous requests and questions HERE.

Also make sure to check the archives and website for recommendations for therapists, real estate brokers, attorneys, etc.) since we have tons of information there! 



 ---- To post, please send your message to:

---- Your email will be treated with the utmost care.  

---- Unless you request it, answers to your post will be posted to the list (also anonymously). Our guess is that if you have a personal question, other people have it too and the answers will help many people.  

---- Make sure that both posts and answers are supportive and thoughtful, just as though you were posting to the list and signing your name.  

---- We do not allow anonymous posts as a way to leave negative reviews.  

---- REMINDER: We have a dedicated moderator who handles all requests so please wait 24-36 hours for your question to be posted (it goes through a secure screening process to protect your anonymity).  The more open and honest we can be about needing help, the more supportive we can be and the more we can learn from each other to build a stronger community. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Park Slope Parents anonymous post mechanism isn’t truly anonymous; the anonymous moderator and key members of the PSP staff have access to the poster’s original email.  Though PSP is committed to keeping all anonymous information confidential, if PSP receives anonymous posts that include information giving us reasonable cause to suspect child abuse, neglect or maltreatment it will be reported to proper authorities.


Thanks, The PSP Moderators