PSP Endorsement Policy

Park Slope Parents (PSP) occasionally receives requests from our advertisers, local businesses, and commercial vendors to provide product reviews or service endorsements.

Park Slope Parents does not participate in such requests. 


Please be aware there are instances where third party businesses can still appropriate the Park Slope Parents name in their messaging. There are cases where a business, in order to promote itself, may claim a partnership with PSP by piggybacking on you as members. If you see any language that includes a phrase like “recommended by Park Slope Parents families” this should not be construed as any partnership or endorsement by Park Slope Parents or the members therein. This can include babysitter services, tutoring services, date night drop-offs or any other businesses that allow people to self-identify as a member of PSP (which may or may not be the case).  We are aware that it is misleading for companies to do this and are working on disassociating such connections. 

Tread cautiously if you encounter claims that assumes an "endorsement." As some of you have experienced, the reviews and recommendations on our site go through a rigorous screening process. Each business review is checked to make sure it is submitted from a member, and every nanny recommendation is scrutinized to ensure accuracy.  f you see claims of affiliation, know that it might contain information not verified by the team at Park Slope Parents.


What can you do if you see these connections?

To ensure that the information and services you seek are in fact member recommended, be sure to crosscheck it on our website and in our groups. Here are some handy links:

Member reviews

How to search for childcare posts

How to search the archives