Posting Information for Local Public Schools and Religious Organizations

Here are FAQs about posting for a local public school or religious organization. Are you a non-profit? Information about how to post for a non-profit can be found here.

FAQ for posting for a local public school or a religious organization:

I would like to post an event for a local public school. Can I? 
Yes.  Our membership wants to know what's going on in and around the neighborhood. Local public schools and religious institutions can post once every three months for free. Subsequent posts in the same three-month period are $25 each.

How do I get something posted?
Simply send your post to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. PUT [EDUCATION] in the subject header for certified educational institutions.

What other things should I keep in mind? 
·        Please include contact information so that our members can follow up with you (messages are posted from a “no-reply” email address).
·        Include ALL the relevant information as text as html links can be temperamental and break. Use links when possible.
·        We can include an attachment (PDF/jpg) but realize that many people won’t open it.

When should I post? 
Send your post to us two days before the desired time you want your marketing message to run. You can always buy multiple posts at $25 each for marketing messages that need a follow up reminder (e.g. for special events).

How long does it take to post? 
Give us 24-48 hours to post. We are processing anywhere from 150-200 messages a day so making sure that you aren’t in a rush means you don’t have to rush us and that we have time to get things through the system.

How do we get extra posts for $25?
You can pay via PayPal. Click here to send payment or contact for an invoice.

How can we make it easy for all of us? 
Have ONE point person from the school send us information. Having multiple people send us messages (sometimes with different content) slows down the process for everyone.

How do I know the message has posted? 
If you’re from a local school we’re going to assume that you’re also a Park Slope Parents member (why wouldn’t you be? If not, join here.) You’ll see the message come in your email messages. You can also search the archives if you don’t receive emails from the Advice Group. Follow the steps here to find your post.

Why do you charge?
We pay a staff person to sift through the requests, answer questions, follow up and deal with duplicate requests to post. Charging this minimal fee allows us to keep our high quality, relevant content without spammy content you don’t need.

Last updated May 2022