Posting for a Friend Policy

While we’d love to help everyone we also want to be respectful of our members’ time by keeping the number of posts manageable and preserving the close-knit feel of the group. PSP asks that when possible friends (like the one you posted for) should become members themselves and experience first-hand the camaraderie and community that makes PSP a go to resource for 7,000+ families throughout Brooklyn.

JOINING PSP:  If your friend is a parent in the Brooklyn area, encourage them to join PSP. In addition to our strong network, we offer over 100 specialty forums and member exclusive discounts to local businesses. The steps to joining are here:

CAVEAT:  We DO allow posts from friends in extreme situations and moments of crises (e.g. death of a child, domestic violence, fatal illnesses, etc.) upon review. If/when we do post these messages we ask that communication stay between member to member, where there is accountability and mutual, vested interest in upholding the trust and integrity of the community. Posts on our Classifieds needs to remain members-only, as the few complaints we’ve received have been posts by members for friends gone awry.

IS THIS A SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCE? If you feel this is a special circumstance, write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and explain further. If we can’t post your friend’s message, we may be able to connect you to resources to help him or her out in a meaningful (and possibly quicker) way.