Guidelines About Forwarding Emails to the Group

We love that our members share information but we ask that members do so without forwarding ads, flyers or a newsletter. It's perfectly fine to share information but we ask that members create their own write up and provide the link to the website rather than sending a forward to the group.

WHY?  With all the marketing directed toward parents we want folks to feel like PSP is a bit of a shelter from the storm of advertising. We have heard from members who want our smaller, specialty groups to be advertising free. When they joined they thought it was more private and cozy and when these messages are posted people have told us they feel like "advertising bait."  You can read more about our Advertising Policies on our Baby Groups HERE.

We absolutely understand that you mean well and are trying to share a resource, but in the future it would be great if you INSTEAD wrote up your own post with a line or two that communicated why you wanted to share this with the group. (e.g., "Someone mentioned looking for an ___ class. XYZ has a class-- find out more by going to their xyz website).

Creating your own write-up would get the message across without the "adsy-ness" of the full forwarded message. It also prevents a forwarded post, which we don't allow on our boards.

 Thanks in advance for your understanding.


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