Why do we limit Commercial Posts on our Specialty Groups?

People join our smaller PSP Specialty Groups subgroups for a more intimate and targeted experience. Whether it’s a bilingual group, a baby group, or one of our general interest groups (tweens, cooking, SHAMs, and more), these groups have a cozier feel and feel more comfortable discussing issues they have in common with the other members of the group.


Advertising one's business or forwarding advertising messages and newsletters diminish a sense of camaraderie that people tell us they have.

From member feedback we know that many of our members look to PSP to control member's commercial posting, since unregulated and unmoderated lists are often overtaken with advertising. Members also send us messages when they get advertising messages to this list that says “I feel like advertising bait.” It’s not good for these smaller groups (and frankly not good for those businesses as it diminishes their brand).


But what if I want to forward an email about a free class or demo?

You can give a shout out to something you love (as long as it’s not a conflict of interest in doing so) with a link to a website for more information. However,  don’t go forwarding a newsletter or email - yep - even if it is free or you are a nonprofit.


Send us a review!

If you are Park Slope Parents member and want to recommend a business that you have FIRSTHAND experience with, please send us your review that we can add to our recommendations section.  Please go HERE to find out how to send us your recommendation.


Looking to advertise your business on Park Slope Parents?

If you wish to promote your businesses we encourage you to reach our whole membership (over 5,000 families) through commercial posts, advertising on our website or via our member perks program, go HERE to explore options.  

ALSO—If you aren't already a member, consider joining PSP Career Networking in order to help you brainstorm ways to market your business in the best way possible. We also have a number of career specialty groups where you can find people in your industry and make great connections.


Are we adamant about this?  

Yep—we’re protective of our groups. It’s a slippery slope and at one point PSP had too many ads and people didn’t like it.