Problems Posting?

Are you having problems posting?  Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

 How do I post?

Please read our comprehensive guide here on how to post about what and where.


Why didn't my post go through? 

Park Slope Parents moderates many of it's messages.  Park Slope Parents have dedicated moderators and for some types of posts and it can take 24-36 hours to process messages about Real Estate or a Nanny.

Park Slope Parents asks that you please consider checking your Spam Folder in case your message was rejected.  Park Slope Parents has found that some reject messages have ended up there!

If you haven't seen your post after 48 hours then please write the moderators at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Where is my Nanny post?

Please read THIS article before contacting the PSP Moderators about where your Nanny post is.


Why was my Post rejected?

For reasons your post might be rejected or delayed, please be sure to carefully read the following requirements for posting.

Complete posting guidelines for posts like Real Estate, listings on the Classifieds, and more can be found HERE.  Requirements for posting a recommendation about your Nanny can be found HERE.


Yahoo doesn't recognize all my Apple/ Mac IDs.  What do I do?

Read more information HERE.


How do I add an alternative posting address for my message posts?

We explain how to add an alternate posting address so that a member can post from an email address other than the one subscribed to the group HERE.