Party Ideas for a 7 year old Girl

Looking for fun and creative ideas for a Birthday Party for your Girl?  Here are some suggestions from local parents about what to do, where to go, and more!

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"The funnest 7 year old birthday party that my daughter attended this past year was at The Fashion Class in midtown Manhattan. The girls designed their own skirts and made them using real sewing machines. They chose their own fabrics and accessories such as ribbons and beads to add to their projects. The girls were so proud of their creations and love wearing them. The location is a bit dumpy but the space inside is really nice and the teachers/party organizers were very fun and patient with the girls."


"Check out madam Alexander, American Girl and there is a place on the Upper East Side that does tea party birthdays boys and girls.  When my daughter was 7 we celebrated at Madam Alexander's. It was great. They gave the kids a touring the factory and showed a documentary of the history of Madam Alexander dolls. The kids had a great time and they each got to decorate their own dolls."


"We just went to the batik place on 5th Avenue in Park Slope, Hiho Batik, I think it's called. They do parties there. It's a really fun thing to do. You get to design and make a batik item. The people are nice and the stuff we made came out very nicely. My daughter is 4, she was a little young and needed help with some of the stuff.I think it would be perfect for a 7-year-old."


"I'd recommend giving Janeen Saltman, of JKS Events a call. In addition to being atop NYC event party planner for corporations and non-profits, she'd been great planning her own daughters birthday's, too!"