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NYC Family Bucket List

Off-Broadway WeekNew to the city? Been here for years and now moving away? Read on for the quintessential Brooklyn and New York activities that received glowing reviews from Park Slope Parents members.


Coney Island - what the kids say!

Sabrina and Samantha Van Putten had a recent adventure to Coney Island...


Best Science Museums, According to PSP Members

The following quesiton was asked to the Park Slope Parents group: "My rising 6th grader has summer homework to “visit a science museum and write a journal entry describing what you saw and what you learned from it”. What’s your favorite Science Museum?"
Here are their votes!

Family Movie Night: Tween/Teen Edition

Looking for a movie the whole family—even the persnickety tweens and teens in your household—will enjoy? Here are recs from PSP members!

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Park Slope Parents Policy for Posting about Tweens/ Teens Looking for Work

Please go HERE for the updated guidelines!

We’ve updated our policy on Tweens/Teens/College Students looking for work so please read the following.


Birthday Party Ideas for a Tween Girl

Here are some ideas that my daughter (11) put together for her sister's (9) sleepover party.  There were 6 girls in all. It was all very fun, and as one mom jokily responded: "have fun not sleeping!"

Ideas for Perfect Parent-Child “Dates”

Looking to schedule in some quality time with your teen or tween? Choose a “date night” or weekend and try one of these ideas from PSP members to promote lots of bonding and lots of fun. There are also bonus ideas for younger kids—click here to skip to that section.

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Where Do You Shop For Clothes For Your Tween?

As one PSP member writes:  “My (almost) 11 year-old daughter has officially outgrown the children's section of the places we've been buying clothes for her since she was small (Target, Children's Place, etc.). I think we are now into the "pre-teen" or "teen" section, which is new territory for me. I'm looking for reasonably priced basics (shorts, t-shirts, leggings, etc.), since she will either destroy or outgrow everything she owns in a season.


Visiting Washington DC with Tweens and Teens

Parents share what to do and see in Washington DC with Tween and Teen kids.

Photo caption: The Air & Space Museum got a lot of thumbs up from PSP parents. Photo courtesy of the Smithsonian Institute


Tourist Activities for Tweens & Teenagers

So you have a teenager (or tween) coming to visit or you are looking for something fun to do with your own energetic young adult.  What are some fun, slightly more grown up and erm, "cooler" things you can do with them?  Here are some suggestions from local parents.