Tween Resources

Middle School Interview Questions

Based on member experiences & online sources, PSP found that typical interview questions include things about the school itself, what are the academic interests of the applicant, how they are involved with the community, what are their aspirations for the future & what interests they cultivate outside of school.



Current Events Magazines and Websites Appropriate For Tweens

Your tweenager is curious about current events. Here, parents share some of the news outlets that explain current events in an educational, engaging and appropriate way for a tween.




Books for Tweens on Sex, Masturbation & More

Parents recommend books about that can help their tween know more about sensitive topics like masturbation, sex & more.  

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Tween Suggested Book/Reading List

The list is broken down into three sections: Girls and Boys (books that address both genders), Girls, and Boys. In addition to books about the tween phase, there are titles about teenagers for parents whose children are quickly approaching the teen phase. In fact, some books address the preteen and teen phases together knowing the line is blurring in our modern age. By no means is the list intended as a comprehensive resource. Rather, it is a starting point for learning more about this important developmental phase as well as the teenage years to come. Happy reading!


Girls and Boys

Girl Specific

Boy Specific

Global Interest Books