The Park Slope Parents Tweens Group was created to assist parents and their children during the transition from childhood to the tumultuous teen years. The group is comprised of an engaged community of parents sharing personal experiences and giving recommendations on a wide range of topics from education, what’s cool for tweens, peer pressure, and school bullying to the onset of puberty, behaviors and attitudes, sexual identity, and self-esteem.

In addition to the vibrant online discussion board, parents have the opportunity to receive expert advice in the form of articles and blog posts as well as attend in-person seminars and workshops led by the professionals who comprise the Tweens Group Advisory Board. Presentation subjects include culture, education, health, media, mental health & wellness, parenting, sports, and social events including a monthly reading book club.

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Is your kid in control of their body?

Tween Parents discuss teaching kids that they are in control of their body

How Young Is Too Young For Makeup?

one tween parents asks this crucial questions about their little girls eager to start wearing make up.

Joining The Club

Tween parents talk about “joining the club,” raising issues of bullying & cliques.

Setting Cell Phone Guidelines

What guidelines and boundaries do you set with your cell phone? Here, PSP members discuss, deliberate and debate boundaries and use of mobile phones and technology.


Chores (the Tween Version): How to Get into the Habit by Kristian Orozco

It is never too early or too late for kids to help out with household chores. Children, like most people, have the need to feel a sense of belonging and significance. What better way to give your kids a sense of belonging and significance than by making them valued contributing members of the family. And by having your kids contribute with household chores, you also give them the opportunity to learn cooperation and responsibility.

Tween Suggested Book/Reading List

The list is broken down into three sections: Girls and Boys (books that address both genders), Girls, and Boys. In addition to books about the tween phase, there are titles about teenagers for parents whose children are quickly approaching the teen phase. In fact, some books address the preteen and teen phases together knowing the line is blurring in our modern age. By no means is the list intended as a comprehensive resource. Rather, it is a


Where Do You Shop For Clothes For Your Tween?

As one PSP member writes:  “My (almost) 11 year-old daughter has officially outgrown the children's section of the places we've been buying clothes for her since she was small (Target, Children's Place, etc.). I think we are now into the "pre-teen" or "teen" section, which is new territory for me. I'm looking for reasonably priced basics (shorts, t-shirts, leggings, etc.), since she will either destroy or outgrow everything she owns in a season.


Visiting Washington DC with Tweens and Teens

Parents share what to do and see in Washington DC with Tween and Teen kids.

Photo caption: The Air & Space Museum got a lot of thumbs up from PSP parents. Photo courtesy of the Smithsonian Institute


Tourist Activities for Tweens & Teenagers

So you have a teenager (or tween) coming to visit or you are looking for something fun to do with your own energetic young adult.  What are some fun, slightly more grown up and erm, "cooler" things you can do with them?  Here are some suggestions from local moms & dads.

Dealing with Street Harassment

PSP members talk about how to handle street harassment (like cat calling, sexual remarks, lewd comments, leering).  

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How to Get Kids Out of Bed in the Morning

Wondering how to get your kid out of bed in the morning? You are not alone with this problem! Here, PSP parents share how they successfully get their teen/tween out of bed in the morning.

teens protesting

Anti-Racism Resources for Tweens, Teens, and their Parents

A curated list of movies, books, and resources, drawn from our Understanding Race page and from across the web, to help families of tweens and teens educate and engage.


Talking about Safety: Basic danger rules your child should know

The information below came from a letter that went home to parents of PS 172. There is some great information here. Please take some time to discuss with your kids...