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Raising 3 Kids in Brooklyn

One parent asks PSP what it is like to raise a large family in Brooklyn.

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Sibling Rivalry: The Big Sister Perspective

A discussion about making sure we don't fuel the fire of Sibling Rivalry....

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Sibling Rivalry

"Our son has zero interest in his baby sister, and sometimes pushes her out of the way," a PSP member shares. Here is advice about how you can help build the sibling bond. 

Planning for Baby #2: Advice on Age Gaps and Beyond

Thinking of expanding your family raises lots of questions: How will a new baby affect childcare plans and finances? What’s the ideal age gap for two kids to get along? Below, read perspectives from PSP members on all aspects of timing your next addition.

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How to Make Work and Two Kids Work

A parent asks the Working Moms Specialty Group how they manage working and transitioning from one kid to two...


Two kids competing for attention

How do parents handle siblings that compete for mom or dads attention? One helpful mom shares how her and partner manage their kids' needs.

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The PSP Guide to Welcoming a Sibling

So your only child is about to become a big sibling. What do you say? How do you handle this transition? Here is some helpful and handy advice compiled from the Park Slope Parents Groups over the years to help older kids prep for a new baby. 

Also—if you're a working parent, be sure to check out our article on How to Make Work and Two Kids Work, as well as the rest of the wisdom in our Siblings section!



Labor logistics with Baby #2

How do handle logistics of taking care of Thing #1 when you are in labor with Thing #2? PSP members share their advice.

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Having Another Baby - Later in Life

PSP Members who got pregnant later in life (late 30s and early 40s) share their experience of giving birth and being a parent at a more mature age.