When to Start Potty Training

Parents discuss potty training basics, including when to start.


Dealing with a Diaper Strike

PSP members offer their advice on how to keep babies from taking off their diapers.

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Refuses to Poop in the Potty

Did you know toddlers refusing to poop on the potty is pretty common? Here are how PSP members dealt with stubborn poopers.

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Potty Training Quickly

Need to get your little one potty trained fast? Can you even do it over a weekend? Here parents share what they did to get their kids potty trained quickly.

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Withholding Poop / Encopresis

If your child has developed a case of poop withholding, don't panic—it's much more common than you probably believed, and PSP members have some tips to loosen things up.

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Peeing on the Go- In the Park

 A PSP member asks fellow parents, "I'm in the process of potty training my 2 1/2 year old daughter, and I think we're ready to venture out of the house without a diaper. I'm looking for advice on where people go when they're in the park - particularly at the 3rd Street playground where we frequently play. (I'm new to the neighborhood and to the potty training, and would love to hear any advice on going out in the area diaper free....)"

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Are Small Pottys Necessary?

One parent asks fellow PSP members, “We have begun the potty training process with books about potty training. In all of the books we've looked at so far, there is always mention and/or photos of the small pottys. In only one did I see one of the seats you set in the "big" toilet. Is the small potty necessary? What are the benefits? The thing I see is an extra cleaning step... Is there any reason you might skip the small pottys and just go to

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Bed Wetting / Night Time Potty Training

Ideas for sleeping through the night -- with a dry bed!


Potty Training: Boys

One PSP member asked the group, "I'd like to start or testing out potty training with my 2yr old son. I hear it takes much longer to train boys vs. girls and would like to get started now, prior to the birth of my next child in June. However, I am prepared to stop if he's just not ready."

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Scared to poop in the potty?

Advice from PSP members.