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Gender and Sexuality Resources

Below, you’ll find resources to help you support LGBTQI+ kids, educate yourself on gender and sexuality, and help your young ones discover the wide range of identities that may describe them.

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Overcoming Problematic Language

A PSP member shares awesome advice for dealing with generational and cultural differences of language and gender in tactful and inclusive ways.


Helping Your Child Through Nonconforming Gender Experiences


I Am A Girl, Hear Me Roar

Pink, girls, dolls, bows.  Blue, boys, trucks, dinosoars.  Gendered stereotypes are all around us.  How do you break these gendered characteristics?


A 4-year-old's idea of beautiful

What happens when your own child never feels beautiful and obsessively seeks approval for perfection?


Private Parts

Talking with kids about private parts.


50 Books For Young Kids With A Compelling Father Character

PSP members talk about books for young kids with a compelling father character.


From Princesses to Girl Warriors

How do you grow a strong, confident girl?


Princess Predicament: Books, Music, Movies, and Advice from PSP Members

Books, movies, music, website links and parenting tips that dispel the myths.

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Children's Books with a Positive, Feminist Message

"My daughter has asked for books for her birthday. I am trying to find some books that highlight girls/women and all we can do. Or positive messages to help spread love and hope right now. There are so many (and some aren't that on point--Not all Princesses Wear Pink was disappointing)."

Update: the second half of this article now includes recommendations for children's books with characters who do not conform to gender stereotypes.

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