Bed Bug Resources

Got bed bugs? Here are some links and information on bed bugs, infestations, treating and more!

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For travelers or apt hunters:

Unfortunately, this is really important for anyone looking for an apt or a hotel. People should absolutely NOT rely on the word of realtors, landlords, home sellers, or hotel staff. Try to talk with someone else who lives in the building or an adjoining building. They spread rapidly from one apt to another through cracks and up pipes. I’m sure there are other websites, and you can probably find them by Googling bed bugs and the name of the city or town or hotel. There can even be infestations in workplaces and schools (I have heard of several in schools). They live for up to 18 months w/o a host, and live often in cracks in wood floors and furniture, as well sa in belongings. Only a certified exterminator can have the right chemical to get rid of them, and you also need to get your stuff exterminated.


Useful Websites: (to check apt bldg and hotel infestations) (to check postings about hotel infestations)


More Resources:

Environmental Protection Agency's (Top Ten Bed Bugs Tips

ALSO – has a site for checking buildings with violations against them, including bed bugs. The NYC Dept of Health has bed bug education materials.