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A look at our history since our beginning in July, 2002.

PSP began on July 8th, 2002 when Susan Fox started a Yahoo! Group so local parents could exchange information via email/bulletin board. Parents discussed a broad range of topics, from "does anyone have an idea of how to get a baby to take a bottle?” to "where's the best place to get shoes that fit?” and “can anyone recommend a person who could come and childproof my house?"


At the end of its first year, PSP numbered 450 members. After two years, there were so many daily messages that the group split into two Yahoo! Groups—one intended for parenting information and local recommendations, the other a “Classifieds” list to buy/sell/trade items and to find babysitters/nannies. Now, more than 10 years later, 5,000 families are members, using the two three large lists -- Advice, Classifieds and Career Networking ---(housed on Yahoo! groups) as well as our pregnancy and baby groups, bilingual groups, 'tough stuff' groups (feritility, bereavement, illness), SAHMs, Dads, knitting, and more.




 With so many people asking for recommendations about local stores and services, the website was created. This public website offers general information about the group, archived parenting tips and resources and a wealth of local recommendations—retail shops of all kinds; doctors, dentists and holistic practitioners; neighborhood services such as handymen, lawyers, contractors and financial consultants; and of course, local daycare and preschool options.


Size does matter, and PSP has gained significant influence within our community. The list serves as a local online "Better Business Bureau", guiding members to the best of Park Slope while helping them steer clear of bad experiences. For example, after a string of negative comments in our email group about Methodist Hospital, the head of PR/Marketing at the Hospital contacted them so they could make changes to their policies. Local handymen have told us that they receive daily calls referencing the PSP website as the source of their business.


Each year PSP has a number of local activities for its members.  In 2008, PSP hosted the 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt, the Spring Fling, and the Fall Harvest Festival (and Halloween Costume Swap) co-sponsored with the Old Stone House and the Park Slope Civic Council. (Check out for photos.).

We also had a PSP Puppet Team build Large-scale puppets for the Park Slope Civic Council Halloween Parade.

In 2007 PSP produced a Kids' Music CD full of 17 Brooklyn Musicians.


For more information about advertising to our over 5,000 families (and more visitors on the PSP Website), please check out our media kit or contact us.