Better Than Sliced Bread (For Parking Scooters)

One parent's love tor finding a tool for organizing "scooter clutter"


Scooter-clutter BE GONE!


Every once in a while someone comes up with a Really Good Idea. I’m thinking of things like wheels on suitcases, swiveling wheels on suitcases, coffee cup lids that don’t leak, raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, etc. I recently discovered such an idea, an invention, really. I adore this thing so much, my heart leaps with joy each time I open my front door. It’s an idea that is just too good not to share, too great not to love. I am referring, of course, to the scooter stand.


If you have not investigated this product, you should. It’s hard to imagine, but this humble hunk of plastic has transformed our entry way from a tangle of dusty wheels and metal, to a serene oasis of order. The stand fits any scooter and can be drilled permanently to the floor to deter theft (by jealous neighbors?) or to accommodate heavier, wide-wheeled scooters. It’s so easy to use even a caveman could manage it.


I found two models: a swanky black version from RazrRak Inc and the exceedingly cheap and cheerful Scooter Stand (pictured above*) made by Wendan Enterprises, available in green, blue, red or black. Stands go for $5 to $15 on-line. Naturally, I bought the cheap one.

I have not yet found a local source but Little Things are on it. If you know of anywhere else, please tell . I will gladly post it. In meantime, they are available on-line.



Little Things have confirmed that they WILL carry scooter stands HUZZAH!

For the record I have not received any compensation for recommending this truly life-changing product, just the satisfaction of helping to return the foyers of Brooklyn to the days of pre-scooter elegance.

Nancy McDermott, Scooter Mom

*the hideous dayglow label slips off easily