Ready, set, swap! October 5th is the PSP Member Kids Clothing & Gear and Maternity Swap

The PSP Members Only Clothing, Gear, and Maternity Swap 
Saturday, October 5th, 2019
10:00am - 12:30pm
Last entry at 12:10pm
Early drop off from 9:15 to 9:45am
Where: All Saints Church 463A 7th Street, entrance on 7th Street (the Park Slope Center for Successful Aging)

Price and details:

  • $5.00/member - payable at the door
  • You must be a Park Slope Parents member with a valid Membership Card. Download/Print your membership card. Step by Step Instructions here:

What to bring:

  • Please bring swappable kid clothing/books/gear for ages newborn-10 years. If you wouldn’t give it to your finicky in-law, don’t bring it to the swap.
  • Maternity items (especially work clothes)
  • Nursing and feeding items 
  • Breast pumps, bottles, baby carriers
  • Bouncy seats, belly bands, unused pacifiers
  • NO toys please
  • If you just want to drop stuff off, that's allowed-- anything not swapped will be donated.


NORTH SlopeWednesday, 9/25 through Wednesday, October 2nd
190 Garfield Place (between 6th & 7th), apt 5E (please text Jeff at 917-685-8250 to double check availability)

SOUTH Slope  Wednesday, 9/25 through Wednesday, October 2nd.
438 12th Street (between 7th and 8th) doorman there between 9am – 9pm.

WINDSOR TERRACE  - ***available Saturday Sept 28 - Monday Sept 30***
1 Prospect Park SW, apt 2A (please text MC at 407-864-2225 to double-check availability)

Pre-Swap, Night Before Drop Off 6pm- 8pm FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4th ONLY
463A 7th Street, entrance on 7th Street (the Park Slope Center for Successful Aging)
Drop off or donate-- (you can also pay your $5 and skip the line on Saturday).

PLEASE PRE-SORT... Mark with sharpie on the bag the size of the clothes. Makes it super easy to run the items to the appropriate tables.  You'll be able to toss bags in separate bins when you come into the swap!

  • Preemie clothes
  • 0 - 6 months***NEW
  • 6 - 12 months***NEW
  • 12 - 18 months
  • 18 - 24 months
  • 2 & 3 year olds
  • 4 & 5 year olds
  • 5 - 8 year olds
  • 8-10 year olds

***ALSO Please presort MATERNITY clothes as well. We're going to have a more organized section for those clothes!

  • Maternity S
  • Maternity M
  • Maternity L

We've been helping the planet and our fellow swappers since 2005!  

Frequently Asked Questions:


 Q: Can I drop off and pay early?
A: We’ll give you a ticket so you can come in and skip the drop-off line. Early drop-off starts at 9:15AM. Drop off, go grab a cup of coffee, then come back at 10am. We don't have a waiting room.

Q: Can I bring my stroller full of stuff?
A: Yes, but you'll need to park it in the back of the room in the stroller section. The space can't accommodate lots of kids in strollers around tables and we want to make it an easy, enjoyable experience for all!

Q: Any other ways to help?
A: Yes, please have your membership card (see above) and correct change when you come in. That will make it go much faster. Please take what you need and that's it. In an effort to save enough for everyone, please take only the same amount you brought and choose for your own immediate family, not Cousin Venita in Oklahoma.

Q: How does it work? What do I bring?
A: Bring items (in GOOD condition) that you'd like to swap. Find other people's treasures which are organized by size (and color when possible). Try to take no more than what you brought, take what you need, and share the wealth. It’s always fun for everyone to find a “diamond in the rough” so if you find more than one of something great, leave it for the next person. New items arrive throughout the day, so get a stamp if you want to come back. (There's no "moderator" or "show and tell" aspect to the swap.)

You can bring maternity and baby accessories (e.g., belly bands, yoga balls, bottle warmers, pumping accessories, baby baths, pack n plays).  If it's something folks won't recognize please put a label on it to help them out!

We cannot accept furniture such as cribs, nursing chairs, or the sectional couch your partner slept on that was oh so comfortable when you had a newborn and that was the only place to get rest.

Reminder: Please wash all clothing and heat dry before the swap.

Q: What happens to the leftovers?
A: Anything not swapped will be donated. In the past we've donated to Little Essentials, the Family Justice Center, Room to Grow, and other organizations. If you know of an organization that might like to have the leftovers, let us know!

Q: I'm expecting and have nothing to swap. Can I still come?
A: The most frequently remaining items are items for newborns and maternity clothes so YES PLEASE come without things as we always have 0 -12 month old things left over!  If there are maternity items you won't be wearing, bring those!

Q: How do I prove I'm a PSP Member?
A: Go to, log in, click Profile, then download the jpg onto your phone or print the membership card.

Q: Can both my spouse/partner and I get in the door?
A: Yes-- PSP membership is a "family" membership

Q. How do I download my membership card?
A: Download/Print your membership card. Step by Step Instructions here:


We look forward to seeing you all on October 5th!