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House Cleaning Tips & Concerns around COVID-19

While the shelter in place has not been lifted, folks may be starting to think about having their house cleaners return. Hopefully you’ve been able to continue paying your domestic workers and have stayed in touch with them during the lockdown. As you reconnect and invite them back into your home, these tips and things to consider can help keep both your cleaner and your family safe.

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Resources for Renting Woes

Whether you have to break your lease, your rent has risen dramatically, or you're being given notice that you have to leave your apartment, it can be hard to know what steps to take. If you’re finding yourself in a challenging situation with your apartment or small business venue, these resources and tips sourced from PSP members can help.



A message from our Medical Liaison about COVID-19

Hey All,

We've received a few private emails about a "mysterious COVID-19-linked illness in children" that the media has been covering far and wide. Dr. Philippa Gordon, our Park Slope Parents Medical Liaison, and I wanted to speak to this to help alleviate some of the fears we've heard from parents. First and foremost, know that Kawasaki is a well-known, rare, and well-understood syndrome, and pediatricians are always on the lookout for it.

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An Update from PSP Headquarters

Hey All,

I wanted to send an update and see how folks are doing. We need to pat ourselves on the back and realize that we’re in extremely uncharted waters around this pandemic and we’re making the best of it. At this point the shock and newness has worn off for most of us and we must more actively motivate ourselves to practice self-care and fight the urge to become sedentary and apathetic. Control aversion and Zoom fatigue are real but we must


DIY Giant Bubbles

If you've been to any of our outdoor events around Brooklyn, you've probably seen our giant bubbles. Since we aren't holding in-person events these days, we're sharing our secrets for our giant bubble recipe and DIY giant bubble wands!