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Celebrate Moms: A Virtual Concert on Saturday, May 9th, 11am - 2pm

Suzi Shelton and Park Slope Parents have teamed up for a virtual concert to help raise money for First Responders Children's Foundation. 


PSP Update: We made it through April! Let’s keep going!

Hey All,

We made it through April (and its showers), and May (and tomorrow) looks to be beautiful! Everything we’re hearing from the experts is that we’re doing the right thing by sheltering in place. With that, we’re seeing more talk of “What’s next” and “When can we….” The answer is this: for our community’s health and our family’s well-being we must stay on course and continue to pause even though we may want to get back to “normal.” Cuomo talks


Homeschooling during Coronavirus: Top Tips for Staying Sane

“Been homeschooling a 6-year old and 8-year old for one hour and 11 minutes,” Shonda Rhimes wrote on Twitter at the start of quarantine. “Teachers deserve to make a billion dollars a year. Or a week.” And that was on March 16—now more than a month in the past, although to many parents struggling to adapt to the demands of remote learning, it feels, much, MUCH longer. We hope these tips and words of advice sourced from the PSP community will

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Local resources for all your quarantine photoshoot needs

Hey All,

The Front Steps Project has raised $500,000 for lots of wonderful projects. Not everyone has a front porch, however, but there are some creative (yet safe) ways to get photos taken even without a porch. Here’s a photo of my family taken by Shrutti (https://www.thebabyphotographer.net/the-front-step-project).

If you’re in South Slope, you can find our big rainbow if you are on 7th Ave and 12th Street and look up 12th Street toward the park on the right.

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Relationship Tips for Maintaining Harmony During COVID-19

What a strange new world we are living in when a Google search for “love in the time of coronavirus” returns over one million results! Scroll through, and you’ll find endless tales of love during COVID, whether budding (see: the couple who went on a virtual date via their respective rooftops) or breaking apart (divorces in China spiked following the end of the lockdown). Most relationships, however, fall somewhere in the middle of that