Staycation Sensation: Ideas for All Seasons

Staying home for school break? No matter the season, there are lots of wonderful ways to fill your time right here in Brooklyn and its environs!

Outdoor Activities - All Seasons

Take a walk in Prospect Park off the beaten path (like the peninsula and Lullwater), build a fort, or give back and pick up trash!

Try birding. The Brooklyn Bird Club meets up in Prospect Park, and there are also weekly Intro to Birdwatching events on Saturdays.

Take a walk in Green-Wood Cemetery. PSP and Green-Wood collaborated on a scavenger hunt to help guide your exploration and learn new things!

Explore art outside. Check out the Brooklyn Botanic GardenGreen-Wood CemeteryNY Botanic GardenQueens; Socrates Sculpture ParkStorm King Art Center, or The Cloisters

Drive the family to the (old) Fairway parking lot in Red Hook and watch the sun go down on Lady Liberty.


Cold Weather Activities

Ice Skate! There are rinks in Industry City, Prospect Park, Central Park, Brookfield Place and more.


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Warm Weather Activities

Hike! Try Harriman State Park, Bear Mountain, Pelham Bay Park, ore even a walk at Jacob Riis Park.


Indoor Activities

Visit a museum. Brooklyn Children's MuseumBrooklyn Art Museum, and the Met are great options.

Sign up to help at a food pantry or mutual aid group. If you have a P-EBT card you can still use it to buy goods and donate them.

Listen to an album or playlist that takes you back to a fun time.  High School Party mix, college spring break mix, or playlist of songs about becoming a parent. PSP has Spotify playlist of bearable kids’ music here

Pick back up on a hobby you used to have or start a new one with your kids.  Dust off your guitar, re-learn how to knit, or do puzzles.

Sprout seeds or start a potato.  Get yourself an egg carton and start some seeds. Or put a sweet potato, carrot, or celery stalk in water.

Write an old-fashioned letter or card.  Watercolor some pretty paper as a card and write a note to someone you love reminding them of how they are special.

Sleep more (and snuggle while you do).  Take naps with your kids, snuggle while reading or watching movies.

Have show and tell with photos they’ve taken over the past week or photos from when they were little kids. 

Play online games together with Jackbox.

Listen to audiobooks or podcasts while you deep clean your closet.

Purge things you don’t love and donate them.

Cook. Go through your favorite family recipes and meet up or Zoom with other family members while you cook. Take videos while you cook so you have a record for posterity.

Be creative. Shop at Artist & Craftsman on 2nd between 4th and 5th and make some fun crafts.  South Slope’s Amazing Variety (5th Ave between 14th and 15th) also has a good selection of crafts. 

Meditate when you wake up and again at night.  Work on energizing the breath, especially on those days when you wake up not feeling rested. At night, let all the stress go. 

Check out tour videos of places you'd love to explore one day. There are even places that will give virtual synchronous tours. Here’s a tour of Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires that rivals our local Green-Wood Cemetery. 

Treat yourself to a home-made spa treatment. Buy fun bath and beauty products, foot soaks,  and take 15-minute breaks  during the day to indulge.

Create a scavenger hunt with your kids. Take post-it notes, start at the end (where you plant the “yay you found it” item), and then go backwards planting clues. You can do this at a museum as well. Or consider geocaching.

Dance more!