Looking for ideas for Toddler Toys and Activities? Here ya go (Courtesy of great discussions on some of our PSP Toddler Groups). Not a member and are a parent living in Brooklyn? Join PSP here!



Use an old wallet stuffed with expired credit cards ­ take out and put back in, repeat indefinitely! 
Put some old toys out of sight - they'll usually show interest again after they’ve been on vacation for a week or two! 
A small wooden kitchen with doors
– used or new, this is evergreen
A hand broom, Swiffer sheet, and a cordless vacuum cleaner
Any and all Read-Aloud Board Books.
A small Jar with a Treat Inside.
A Baby Piano/Xylophone
Any Activity Table or Box that comes apart and has lots of “things” on it to move and make noise with!
Put Duplo Pieces (or anything that will fit!) into an Empty Tea Tin and take them out again!
A small Tea Set.
Make your own Toddler Busy Board - here are some great ideas.



Pockets of Learning Quiet Book – Indestructible books great for toddlers
Soft foam magnetic letters for the fridge
Skip, Hop & Explore Animal Car – Any “pull back” toy
Oball Rattle & Roll – or any Oball toy
Read Aloud Songs – listen to the song and follow along in the book
Magic Music Cubes
Peek-a-Boo Tunnels
Pop Toobs! – continue to be fun for years to come
Funky Moon Light with remote control! 
Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank

Melissa & Doug gets lots of shout outs!

Play Cleaning Supplies
Door Puzzle with magnets
Shape Sorters