Top Ten Tips for Taking Your Kids to a Show!


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Top Ten Tips for Taking Your Kids to a Show! 

 1.  Expose children early to age-appropriate shows. Children’s theater opportunities are available in all five boroughs. Check out this page on our website to get started. 

2.  Keep your expectations low. For some children, sitting still and being quiet is difficult and can lead to fussy behavior. If you get frustrated or angry, they won’t want to go again.  

3.  Choose aisle seats when possible. If your child is uncomfortable, nervous, or needs to go to the bathroom, you won’t be disturbing the whole row if you need to get up a few times. 

4.  Know when to leave or take a break. Lots of theater spaces have lobbies, large rest rooms, and lounges. If the weather is good – and the ushers will let you come back in – take a 5-minute breather outside. 

5.  Try to familiarize children with the story, characters and/or music beforehand. Children are more likely to be patient, relaxed, and excited when they know what to expect. Knowing the music is always rewarding holds interest longer. Some children find mascots or performers in full costume frightening. Try to prepare them ahead of time if your show involves full-body costumes. 

6.  Be prepared! Find out the running time and if the show is age-appropriate in advance. Get there early to avoid bathroom lines and enjoy exploring the whole theater space before the show starts. Explain about applause (it can be loud and scary for some kids) and intermission. Most importantly, tell them that there’s no talking during the show unless it’s interactive. 

7. Bring an intermission treat! If possible, avoid expensive concession stands and long lines by stashing some small treats in your bag before you leave. As soon as intermission starts, get kids to stretch their legs and, if it’s safe, to run up and down the street outside. Fast walking to the bathroom together is also fun game – try to beat the crowds. 

8.  Some parents give children a small treat just as the show begins. This creates automatic happy associations and is also relaxing. If you do this, let your child know that this is the only treat until intermission. Otherwise, fervent whispered requests will commence halfway through the first act! 

9.  Most theaters have booster seats - but they go quickly! As soon as you see the usher or ticket taker, ask where the booster seats are. A good view and clear sightlines can really “boost” your child’s live entertainment experience. If there are no boosters, create one out of coats and bags.

10.  If kids are fidgeting or moving around, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re bored! As long as they’re not being disruptive, try to not to interpret their jiggles too deeply and make sure you have a good time too! 


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