Shane Has Lung Cancer And Needs Our Help!

Please help our friend Shane Blodgett who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. He and his family need financial support for travel, treatment, special dietary needs, and to cope with all the unexpected expenses that arise when there is a medical crisis.

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Shane is the husband of our beloved Park Slope Parents colleague Rachel Maurer, and dad to Max and Fenris. He is a well-known local bluegrass musician - a regular at Sunny's Bluegrass Jam -, a brilliant birdwatcher who can often be found at Jamaica Wildlife Refuge & Coney Island Creek Park looking for shorebirds during migration, and a talented NYC tour-guide. Shane is an active, spirited, total sweetheart of a guy, and this diagnosis has come as a huge shock to his family and community. The whole family is scared and worried while juggling huge decisions, multiple appointments, alternative options, opinions, second opinions, tests, emotions, doctors, finances, etc. 

Shane's first round of chemo treatment has not been successful so far, and FUNDS ARE URGENTLY NEEDED so the family can seek better outcomes for him. We so appreciate any contribution you can make to help us keep Shane alive. There may be treatment modalities available or trials that could offer hope, and the family would be so grateful for the opportunity to pursue them.

Donate here.

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We are also hoping to help keep Shane as comfortable and healthy as possible as he receives treatment and for whatever the future holds on this very difficult road. 

Some of you may know Rachel from her work with PSP. She is also the founder and moderator of Parents of New York Teens & Young Adults (PonyTYA) and moderator of Brooklyn Special Kids (BSK). Her devotion to our community is profound and her email communities have helped us and countless other Brooklyn and NYC parents get advice, help, and support as we raise our kids and navigate the parenting journey.

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Rachel and Shane are now navigating a new, critical journey with ongoing car service expenses, medical bills, special dietary needs, and much more. Rachel has done so much for all of us through the years... we are dearly hoping to provide support for her, Shane, and their family in their time of need.

Thanks so much for donating.

If you can’t help monetarily, please send healing vibes, prayers, juju, and any other ways you spiritually support folks. Knowing that they’ve got people thinking of them gives the family strength. A super short message of support or some other warm fuzzy would be great. You can always reach out to Rachel directly through PSP, Brooklyn Special Kids, or PonyTYA as she moderates all of these groups via "rachelfran" (a Yahoo email). 
Sending huge hugs to everyone right now, but especially Shane, Rachel and their kids Fenris and Max. Thank you to everyone who  took the time to read this and to those who send good thoughts and prayers.