Membership Perks

Here are the PERKS to your Park Slope Parents membership!

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DOWNLOAD the image to your phone. Make it a favorite so it’s easy to find. Also keep a copy keep a copy on the desktop for easy access.
PRINT the card. Select “wallet” as the print option.


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Perks for Kids

arts crafts culture movement

mp.language theatre sports mp.camps tutors tutoring

Perks for Health

mp.dentists orthodontists mp.therapists mental health professionals healing



Perks for Adults help mp.pampered parent new2 pilates fitness trainers new mp.parenting resources



Perks for House and Home

mp.home services repair pest control floor furniture decorators organizers

mp.moving companies supplies shoes gifts furniture graphics services mp.restaurants food food delivery



 Perks for Businesses and Services

mp.local businesses services care entertainment planning framing portrait services

mp.publications media



Perks for Baby Birthing

mp.childbirth baby services child care new