Making the Best Family Memories

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How do we make the best memories for our children? Is it always the exotic vacation or lavish gift that becomes indelible? Or are the best memories sometimes the simple shared moments that happen in the breaths we take in our busy lives? Creating funny characters and voices while reading to our kids. Making pancakes for dinner or doing wild dance parties in pajamas. Here are some unique ways we can create wonderful memories throughout our children’s lives.

Un-Holiday Traditions
Whatever your holiday traditions are, we’re sure you do them just right! You are the dreidel diva, the valentine artisan, the fireworks master. Beyond those sturdy roles, though, there may be a favorite annual experience you could transform into a singular family tradition, whether on the water, on the diamond, in the heavens: a visit to the dragon boat races in Queens, with some delicious dumplings; a trip to Coney Island for a Cyclones game; a solstice journey to Midtown to see Manhattanhenge. Name your own. It can evolve into a shared lifelong family rite.

Family Sport
There is no guarantee that your kids will be into the same sports you are, but you've got a better shot if you build slowly and stay open to their feedback. The idea is to ward off whining, frozen-footed flailers and cultivate the ski buddies of your dreams. Take lessons together – golf, tennis, skiing, skating, swimming – and show them that lifelong learning includes the body as well as the mind. Stop along the way to watch some ants, dip your toes in a stream, or, literally, smell the roses. We’ve heard about some smart (and well-prepared) parents who created a “magic mountain” by hiding sweets and tiny gifts along the route of a challenging hike. The children were amazed – and into hiking.

Thanksgiving Every Sunday
Almost every family talks a bit about gratitude on Thanksgiving. Some don't wait for November, saying a prayer every night or on one night before dinner. All are beautiful traditions. If you don't already observe such a ritual, why not make one out of a weekend meal? It doesn't even have to be about gratitude – you can make it whatever you want. Some families call it the GFQ – the Great Family Question. The question, or item, can change weekly so it doesn’t get boring. Guess what Mom had for lunch, recount the week's funniest moment, or tell everyone your favorite new word. Kids remember these weekly conversations, and they offer time for reflection in our busy lives.

Break the Rules
Even babies (especially babies?) are thrilled when social norms are broken. You start singing and your six-month-old thinks it’s hysterical. Anytime you can safely break the rules and create your own unique family moment automatically becomes a magical memory. Making a big sheet cake that everyone gets to eat with their hands. Putting your clothes on backwards or having magic carpet rides on the floor with towels. Letting all the stuffed animals sit on the stoop to watch the world go by and painting the walls with finger paints before they get repainted. Camping out on the living room floor. Once, on a vacation, we drove to our rented house with a stuffed animal under each windshield wiper taking in the scenery. The kids still talk about it.

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