DIY Giant Bubbles

If you've been to any of our outdoor events around Brooklyn, you've probably seen our giant bubbles. Since we aren't holding in-person events these days, we're sharing our secrets for our giant bubble recipe and DIY giant bubble wands!


Giant Bubble Recipe

10 oz “Simply Dawn” (NOT concentrated—important!)
1 TBSP baking powder
1 1/4 tsp J Lube Powder* (this will last you years!)
3 1/2 quarts water (14 cups)            

Mix carefully; try not to make too many bubbles on top.

Note: It's best if you make it a day in advance!

DIY Giant Bubble Wands

Wooden dowels or sturdy fallen tree branches/sticks

String (buy cotton string)

OPTIONAL: Rubber bands (to connect string to wooden dowels)

OPTIONAL: Washer (not necessary if the string is heavy enough)

Cut two strings, one about twice the length of the other (e.g., 60” and 30”)

Tie strings together, leaving room at the ends to connect to dowel.

Attach the strings to the sticks.

NOTE:  Amazon has this telescopic bubble wand* that works dang good!  

Dip wand into the bubble juice, lift up, and let the wind make bubbles. Close the loop before the bubble gets so big that it pops!

We are working on a video! Stay tuned!

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*If you buy from our links, PSP gets a little bit back. THANKS. (Oh, and the J Lube has some crazy reviews—just giving you a heads-up!)