COVID-19 Resources

Your one-stop shop for PSP resources and advice on life in the time of coronavirus.

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Testing and Vaccination

Covid Vaccination in NYC: What to Know and Where to Go

Covid Testing in Brooklyn: Where to Go and What to Know


Birthing and Infancy

Virtual vs. In-Person Doula Support

Birthing during Covid: Key Takeaways from our Zoom-Ups

I had a baby. When can I start seeing relatives in person?

Delivery and Infancy during COVID-19: Expert Tips

PSP Presents: Ask the Experts

Birthing in the Time of Coronavirus: The Park Slope Parents Birthing Toolkit


Domestic Workers

Best practices for hiring/bringing back a nanny in the time of coronavirus

The Nuts and Bolts of Paying Your Nanny in the time of Coronavirus

FAQ for Employers of Domestic Workers during COVID-19

Employee Rights in the Time of COVID-19

Have A Nanny? Here's some HELP in getting through Coronavirus

Your Nanny and COVID 19: Thoughts from our Park Slope Parents Members



Resources for Renting Woes during COVID-19


In-Person Daycare, School, and Childcare

The PSP Podding Guide

PSP Decision-Making During COVID, for Parents of Babies & Toddlers

Managing Transition, Back-To-School During Covid: A PSP Coping Webinar

Returning to Childcare & Learning: Lessons from Vivvi and the PSP Community

Preparing for daycare and preschool in the time of coronavirus


Safety at Home

House Cleaning Tips & Concerns around COVID-19


Safety in the Slope and Beyond

Top Tips for Buying/Leasing a Car during Covid

Fun in the Age of Coronavirus: Playground Safety Reminders

Beaching during Coronavirus: Member Recommendations

Convincing your Toddler to Wear a Face Mask


Remote Learning and WFH

Banishing Zoom Fatigue: Tips for Spicing Up Your Next Meeting

Life Hacks for Handling Remote Learning

WFH without childcare: Top tips for making it work

Homeschooling during Coronavirus: Top Tips for Staying Sane


Mental Health and Relationships

Mental Health Check-In for Dads/Partners with The Motherhood Center and Justin Lioi

PSP Mental Health Check-In: STILL HOME for the Holidays with Joey Ackerman, LCSW-R

Relationship Tips for Maintaining Harmony During COVID-19

Working Moms Mental Health Check-In: Webinar Notes

Expectant Parents Mental Health Check-In with The Motherhood Center

Mental Health Check-In for Parents of Elementary School Kids


Fun Stuff

Quality Virtual Time with Grandparents

Local resources for all your quarantine photoshoot needs

Guide to a Virtual Birthday Celebration (make sure you're logged into your membership account to download for a reduced price!)


Updates from PSP Headquarters

We Will Survive... An Update from PSP Headquarters

A Self-Care Message from PSP Headquarters

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