Birthing in the Time of Coronavirus

Are you an expectant parent in the time or coronavirus? Are you wondering if you should leave town?  Walk into a "birth partners allowed" emergency room so you can be torgether during delivery?  We've got some answers for you!


We've been working really hard on this Park Slope Parents Birthing Toolkit.  It's a work in progress as things are changing all the time.  I'm trying to fold in the most current information we're hearing about up til early this morning. 


It lives here:  PSP Birth Online Toolkit 



Here’s what it includes:

    • Some opening comfort
    • Should I stay or should I go?
    • Should I try to have my baby at a birth center or do a homebirth?
    • Should I be induced?
    • Pre-planning for your BEST birth
    • Once you go into labor
    • In the hospital for delivery
    • In the hospital with baby
    • Some considerations for when you get home
    • Feedback from members
    • Final thoughts
    • Resources