Where in the World Did I Park My Car?

Always forgetting where you left your car? Because locating a parking spot is only half the battle, Join PSP and get advice on all aspects of living and raising kids in Brooklyn, from finding a car to feeding a baby and far beyond!

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One PSP member asks the Advice Group:


“I'm about to get my first car, and am planning on street parking and dealing with ASP. But I'm getting worried that I'll forget where I parked it, especially since it needs to be moved so often! Also sometimes I'll move it, other times my husband will, and there's a good chance we'll forget to communicate about it. Is there anything (app, device, etc.) that can help us keep track of where the car is??”


PSP members have tons of great ideas:


FreePark NYC. “We use FreePark NYC which is an app and does require a quick entry each time you park but is set up for multiple people to share parking location and street cleaning info.


It also alerts you if you don’t repark before street cleaning (I only wish it would send alerts the night before!).”


“It lists the ASP times for any block, allows you to virtually “park” your car so you remember where it is, and gives you push notifs before it’s time to move it. It also alerts you to ASP suspension days - super useful for religious holidays you may not be familiar with.”


Apple Maps. “On my iphone, the Apple Maps app notes where I park automatically (even though I never actually use the app).”


Google Maps. “There's also an option to tap on the blue current location dot on google maps and set it as your parking location.”


SpotAngels. “SpotAngels is a great app for ASP and keeping track of parking spots, but you do have to drop a pin manually. Also sends reminders to move your car.”


Find My Car. “Need to update manually.”


NOTE: Some of these apps tell you what days you need to move your car for Alternate Side Parking. To be double sure, set your phone alarm to go off 15–30 minutes before you need to move your car over, and 30–45 minutes later to move it back. (Times vary depending on the culture of the block). For more info, see our article on Double Parking Do & Don’ts.


Tile. “Tile has helped!”


Apple AirTag. “Tiles don't work great in park slope, but Apple Trackers do.”


Your car may come with an app. “My 2019 Subaru came with an app that remembers where I parked (and also lets me lock and unlock remotely which is actually unbelievably useful for the rare occasions you need that feature).  Maybe your car will offer that?  It might have cost me some money bc it's connected to the emergency alert feature (Starlink, I think)? Totally worth it.”


Or you can pair your car with your phone. “Finding this feature on the iPhone was a god send for me. Apparently if you pair your phone and car, the phone will note the location when it disconnects (ie car turns off). So I ask Siri where my car is and the phone will show me where it is with surprising accuracy.”


“If you have something compatible with Apple's CarPlay, and you connect and disconnect your phone each time you get in, it takes care of it for you. If you ask Siri where your car is, she'll pull up a map with a dropped pin.”


Creating a map above the key holder. “A friend of mine had a map of the streets in the entryway above the key holder and marked it when she came in so the next person who grabbed the keys would know where it was parked.  I thought it was brilliant except that her partner didn't always remember....”


Texting the person who shares your car. “Got in the habit of texting my husband the address immediately upon getting out of the car.”


Creating a shared note. “Shared note in Google Keep app between myself and my husband, we update it every time we park with the address and when to move it.”


Or just texting yourself. “Just text myself the address.”


Regardless of your parking method, here’s a tip for Alternate Side Parking. “Follow ASP on twitter and opt-in to emails, which is helpful for knowing when ASP is suspended.”


And finally, there’s good old trial and error. “At one point in your life you'll forget where you parked. And it will suck. But eventually you'll find your car and then you'll never forget where you parked ever again.”




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